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An Interview with Founder and CEO of SpiderOak Ethan Oberman

SpiderOak is a world leader in keeping cloud information truly private. Company founder and CEO Ethan Oberman explains that while information on the cloud seems like it can’t be private, he and SpiderOak are here to ensure that it truly is. When you came to SpiderOak what did you identify as the company’s strongest attributes? […]

FilesAnywhere Proves to Be More than Just Another Cloud

Award-winning company making a move in the cloud marketplace. It’s true that if you want to purchase space with a cloud service there are hundreds of companies willing to cede over some server space. Some of these companies give you a fraction of space for free, while others offer 20, 50 and 100 gigs of […]

An Interview with Jeff Bermant, Co-Founder and Executive Chairman Virtual World Computing

The makers of the cutting edge product Cocoon, Virtual World Computing and company leader Jeff Bermant are making web surfing private and secure.   Tell us a little bit about Cocoon? Cocoon was designed to be a better way to browse the web. I’d had the computers at my business get shut down with Viruses […]

Interview with CEO and founder of Caringo, Mark Goros

The founder and CEO of Caringo, Mark Goros shares his vision for providing clients the infrastructure necessary to create large and scalable cloud networks using some of the most dependable technology in the marketplace.   Give us some background on your career at Caringo, and some basics on where the company has been and where […]

Interview Andy Jensen of Barracuda Backup Service

When it comes to finding the right backup service for your home and business, few people are as qualified to answer your concerns as Andy Jensen. As the Product Manager of the Barracuda Backup Service Jensen works everyday to provide clients the solutions that they need.   What are the challenges you see in protecting […]

Streaming Video on the Cloud? With Dropbox, YES

When the Cloud first became popular it reminded a lot of us of wrapping our head around  the term “internet” in 1994. As such we immediately began asking ourselves the questions we asked in the mid-90’s: Is this secure? Where does all the information GO? Can we play music, watch videos? What is possible?   […]

Interview with Chris Riley of CloudShare

Chris Riley is the product manager at CloudShare. But before he became a guru, he was just a fan of the cloud. He actually spent his time helping companies acquire and actualize enterprise applications, mostly in the area of content management.   What’s most compelling to you about cloud technology in the workforce? What I […]

An Interview with Online Storage Expert: Mohan Raju

As one of the leading voices in the advocacy of online storage for personal and business  use, Raju has been successful in communicating what should (and shouldn’t) be thought of as quality products in the cloud. His site covers everything from the main features of the  biggest clouds, to the details necessary to master and […]

Rich Mackey

When it comes to utilizing your online storage nobody better at giving you hints than Rich  Mackey. He’s been all over the map both for business and within the online storage  community. His advice comes from years of trial and error and success! What brought you into investigating and utilizing online storage? I’d always dabbled […]

The Next 3 Years for the Online Storage Industry

This month has brought some interesting news in the online storage industry. One major topic is the year 2015, a year targeted by experts in online storage to be a peak time for online storage market domination. The year is thought to bring over one trillion dollars in profit and investments. While the number sounds […]