Selecting a Reliable Offsite Storage Service

Do you know that, every year, companies lose billions for lack of storage space to keep important official documents at the office premises and improper storage conditions? Taking backup of all the important data and storing them at a secure location will help protect your organization from any kind of disaster.  For companies that cannot afford the huge infrastructure cost involved with onsite, online storage can find relief in the form of reliable offsite storage services.

By taking advantage of offsite storage, a company can gain benefit from reduced operation cost, increases productivity of employees and helps the company during the times of audits and litigations. It is no big surprise that as offsite storage services are used by organizations for records management and archiving, they have been able to bring about a cut of almost 50 percent in the prices associated with storage space and record management.

Analyze Your Needs Properly

It makes no sense to start comparing online storage service providers as soon as you hear about some popular benefits from a friend in IT industry. Take your time before you make a decision. You need to shop around in order to find the best online storage provider in the market. Always remember the golden rule- that there are no one-for-all providers in the market. That is why you need to assess your data storage needs and priorities before making crucial decisions regarding a data storage service provider:

  • Proper analysis of your organization’s specific online data storage needs can help you make cautious decisions. It is possible that your organization needs online accounts for all employees to access selected portions of organizational data. In such cases, you need to choose a provider that allows an administrator to create multiple accounts with varying privileges according to organizational hierarchy.
  • Consult your human resources, operations, and IT services department before making any decision. It is always a good idea to introduce some operational changes or data management policy changes within an organization if possible. You can successfully introduce some new methods of procuring documents, customer data, or billing information when you sign up for an online storage service. Apply some innovative thinking, and you can introduce a number of cost effective changes in database management and overall data management policies.

However, care should be taken while selecting offsite storage services when looking for proper data backup to prevent any data theft or loss. Here are some tips that can help you select a reliable offsite storage service:

  • Opt for a storage facility that provides a high level of security not only during data transfer, but also while storage. Select an online storage facility that makes use of 256 bits AES encryption during data transfer for fast, efficient, and secure data transfer. This encryption technique is being used for data storage by banks and all international organizations. Also, ensure that all the records and data being stored have a controlled access so that important information does not end up in wrong hands.
  • A good offsite storage service provider stores records in a climate-controlled environment and have formulated a foolproof strategy to protect your documents from natural disasters. Your documents are protected in case of any natural or manmade calamity and even an effective recovery plan is in place so that no file of data is lost.
  • Offsite data storage should be convenient to use and cost effective. One should be able to perform the backup of the data with the click of a house. Also, the data backup should be taken at the end of every day so that no information is lost. Many offsite storage services charge their client on monthly basis, which proves to be more economical to business owners.

Can your Data Storage Service Meet Demand?

Now that your organization is spending a reasonably big portion of its total Information Technology budget on data storage services, you need to assess such services for scalability as well. Not all data storage mediums are scalable, like online storage options. In fact, several small and medium scale organizations have outsourced their data storage needs to online storage companies. Here are the most important considerations that you need to keep in mind:

Is your data accessible at faster rates? Productivity will be much higher if access to data is not prevented in any manner. A number of data storage mediums will make employees wait for a few minutes or even hours before they are granted access to some much needed information and files. This delay leads to the loss of productivity. While a bandwidth problem within your organization can be solved by utilizing fiber optic channels, you will have to rely on online storage services if you want to avoid data organization delays as well. A small or medium scale organization cannot afford to spend heavily on maintenance and purchase of a server that manages all data in a certain order to allow faster access.

Is your data storage reliable and secure? A scalable data storage system must be able to keep all business data safe from various data loss risks. Also, the system should have a certain level of fault tolerance. A backup solution must have a multi-layered security structure to minimize chances of data loss, corruption, or theft.

In order to measure the scalability of any data storage medium, you need to gauge the scalability of performance, security, reliability, and expandability. It will help you have the right perspective when making crucial decisions regarding data storage selection or budgeting. Over the last one or two decades, storage technology has changed a lot. However, the basics of scalability have remained constant.

What you can expect with online data storage

This can be done easily, and if your server fails or you have a power outage, the information will still be retrievable. To get started, you only need to follow three simple steps:

● Open an account with a reputable company that provides storage service,
● Obtain the necessary security credentials, and
● Upload the files that you want to store for backup.

After that, you will be able to access the storage site at any time, verify when you last performed a backup, and proceed to do another one, if necessary. In addition, you will be able to call up these files from any computer without being concerned about security, as long as you have a viable Internet connection, no matter where you are. As an individual, you can obtain this service free of charge for personal use, but in this case, the storage space available to you will be limited.

Variations in storing information

You will find that, in general, online data storage space can be expanded without much difficulty. When you reach the “maximum capacity” level, you can buy additional space to meet your specifications without the need for any additional hardware. Also, if you use this service for businesses purposes, access to your important files can be password-protected, and this flexible resource is also a good way to share your photos, videos, and music with family members and friends at home.

One size does not fit all when it comes to storing your information, and if your data is in the non-sensitive category, basic online storage will be ideal in your situation. However, sensitive data usually requires two-factor authentication—such as user name and password—or data encryption, and if this is your concern, look for s vendor that will used advanced technology to keep your information secure and safe when it is being transmitted online. As a rule, the fee you are charged will be based on the amount of space you need, and the service will provide you with 24/7 monitoring and technical support in return.

Businesses and online data storage

On the job, various online interactions with customers and potential customers are accomplished with the use of databases on your company’s servers at your company’s location, and they supply essential business and client data. If any major or ongoing glitch enters the picture, this results in loss of revenue, a damaged business reputation, poor customer relations, and downtime needed to detect and correct the problem.

While you may already use a tape backup system on the premises, adding a remote one is also essential today to ensure that billing data, customer contacts and other critical files will not be lost. You can still use your tape system monthly to do a complete backup of your data, which means that it will require less maintenance and the tapes will not wear out as quickly. At the same time, your remote backup service will provide you with fast and easy retrieval of essential information whenever you need it.

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