JustCloud Review

Editor's Rating: *10/10  

The race for online storage supremacy 310-312-3456 has a clear frontrunner in JustCloud. Providing perks such as unlimited cloud storage, free mobile apps, file access from anywhere and the ability to sync data with multiple computers, you can see how JustCloud has managed to pull ahead of the pack. Times have certainly... (Continue Reading)

MyPcBackup Review

Editor's Rating: *9.5/10  

Few online storage solutions meet customers' data demands as well as MyPCBackup. The company is a trusted name online backup game, offering an array of features that help distinguish MyPCBackup from the competition. MyPCBackup employs an intuitive desktop application to seamlessly handle the once-complicated task of backing up your computer data, making those documents easily accessible via PC, laptop, smartphone or tablet... (Continue Reading)

Zip Cloud Review

Editor's Rating: *9.0/10  

Cloud backup is all the rage these days for three great reasons: it's easy, it's secure and it's inexpensive, and Zip Cloud exemplifies these principles. But Zip Cloud doesn't stop at merely providing customers with the means to back up their computer; they also provide an abundance of user-friendly features that make it easy to access previously backed up files using a PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone... (Continue Reading)

BackupGenie Review

Editor's Rating: *9.0/10  

BackupGenie's automated online backups make data protection surprisingly easy and painless. Backing up to the cloud has long since surpassed optical media and external storage devices as the quickest, most convenient and most affordable way to back up your data securely. This online storage solution enables you to easily protect your computer using a simple desktop application that... (Continue Reading)

SOS Online Backup Review

Editor's Rating: *8.7/10  

SOS Online Backup provides users with high-end cloud backup and archiving solutions—though high-end doesn't necessarily mean high cost. Developed by Infrascale, a company that is well-versed in the cloud storage platform, SOS Online Backup implements a secure and reliable approach to cloud storage. SOS Pro users are typically looking to safeguard their personal and professional information and make it... (Continue Reading)