FilesAnywhere Proves to Be More than Just Another Cloud

Award-winning company making a move in the cloud marketplace.

It’s true that if you want to purchase space with a cloud service there are hundreds of companies willing to cede over some server space. Some of these companies give you a fraction of space for free, while others offer 20, 50 and 100 gigs of online storage space for dollars a month. As far as saturation in the marketplace, no field seems more inundated with startups than cloud storage.

Which is why it’s nice to have organizations within the community of companies who objectively measure the performance and userability of the products available to consumers in the marketplace. For online storage companies that organization is the Metroplex Technology Business Council. The MTBC rates companies each year and in 2012 they’ve noted that FilesAnywhere has been nominated in the category of Emerging Company Innovation Award.

The nominating party discussed why they felt FilesAnywhere should be put up for the award. “While there are many online file storage companies in the market right now, I feel that FilesAnywhere deserves the award due to the unique collaboration aspects it brings the market,” says nominator David Herr of Dallas-based Opus-3 Datacenter. “They have managed to deliver a platform that combines the features of collaboration, cloud storage, workflow, and mobile access in a manner that I haven’t seen before.”

Herr’s assessment seems to be in place with what many consumers have said about the FilesAnywhere workload, especially their eForms. While data collection on the Internet is essential to the survival of many service-based companies, the business of collecting and sorting that data can be immensely complicated and prohibitively expensive. The eForms idea works to combine the agility and compatibility of the cloud with the necessity of clients, users and customers to fill out forms electronically. By linking the forms back to the cloud from static web pages the eForms format works to provide more reliable information on a safe and secure platform.

Though they are just now receiving a nomination for their products and services, FilesAnywhere has been an industry leader since 1999. The company has grown with the new technologies, including the diversification of cloud capabilities for home and business use. As users of their services can note – especially those who have transferred over files from less secure, less streamlined storage companies – the FilesAnywhere team is dedicated to customer service and problem solving.

The awards are being announced later this month, but for those looking to gather information over the Internet, they understand that the eForm technology is already a business service that they need in order to create more reliable income streams. Even if the company gets shut out at the award dinner, that much will be certain, and the customers that they’ve acquired won’t soon pass on the opportunity to re-up their commitment to FilesAnywhere.



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