The 85 Best Online Storage Articles and Blogs

1.     TechMaish –  How can your business benefit by using online storage applications? Find out here!

2. – Learn about the benefits of Diino’s free online tools with 2 GB of free data storage.

3.      Hacknmod – The top 10 online storage solutions are here at Discover what fits your data needs best.

4.      Living Onlines – FileQube offers free online storage where you can secure and share files.

5. – If you don’t do your research when using your free online storage mediums, you may be subject to losing your data! Check out this story to find out more!

6.      Onsoftware –  Elena Santos describes the top free online storage tools here. Discover what there is to offer.

7.      Techlivez – Read the review of Microsoft’s SkyDive for 5 GB of free online storage space.

8.      Opengiga – Want to know about Opengiga’s favorite 60 free online storage services? Come check it out.

9.      Movie and Gadget Review – Another review of Microsoft’s new service SkyDrive.

10.  Linux and Friends – Here they have collected a few popular free online storage services which provide value to the home user. All these online storage services offer a free package with some storage space restrictions and charge a small amount for a premium package which does not have any restrictions.  Usually most home owners can do using the free package.

11.  Virturoff – 2 GB of online picture storage for free!

12.  I Love Free Software – This site evaluates 3 free unlimited online free photo storage and photo sharing websites. I Love Free Software outlines the differences between the sharing capabilities and highlights benefits of using all of them.

13.  Netbook Freeware – is a free application by which you can turn your online email accounts to online file storage. This online file storage is very helpful for sharing all your files and folders with multiple PC’s that too very easily.

14.  Tricks-Collections –  Get 50 GB of online storage with this new software. Read about the benefits of online storage here!

15.  Itstechsense – Looking for the Mecca of free software sites? This collaboration of information combines a plethora of different types of free software.

16.  What On My PC – This set of articles describe the benefits of Google storage, Linoit and Google Chrome. This site also features hundreds of articles for the technology lover!

17.  Carol’s Vault – Come to Carol’s Vault to find over 30 file share and drop bookmarks including a variety of other useful information regarding data storage.

18.  Aksgeek – read all about how to back up your data using your email address!

19.  Ghacks – Wuala takes a unique approach to secure online storage. Read about the free storage opportunities and more at Ghacks!

20.  Dottech – Dot Tech shares a link to a free online backup trial. Find out more freebie software information here!

21.  JTBworld – Protect your photos using online storage.

22.  Tech Bliss Online – Here they review some of the best free cloud storage solution providers that include Google Docs, Windows Live Sky drive,, Dropbox, and ADrive to store, access, manage, view and edit files of all types!

23.  Tech Hail – Read about Tech Hail’s 15 best online backup services with many opportunities for free cloud computing.

24.  Techknowl – Check out this review of the best free online backup services out there.

25.  Techmixer – Read all about free file synchronization software on TechMixer!

26.  Techiequest – Read all about free cloud hosting services for desktop applications here at Techiequest.

27.  Crashtestchix – Read all about how the early bird catches the cloud!

28.  Ask A Tech Teacher – Want to learn all about cloud computing? Come here to browse the articles and links compiled by a tech teacher in her virtual classroom.

29.  Ask Bill First – Bill asks “how valuable is your data”? Read this article to help you determine this for yourself.

30.  Bill Mullins – Come here to read all about free data recovery tools and much more. The plethora of innovative and technology savvy articles will astound you!

31.  The Crazy World of G – Read all about cloud computing services here at the Crazy World of G!

32.  Gizmodo – Read about 32 ways to secure your digital life here at Gizmodo!

33.  Arstechnica – Here is a review of online backup solutions at your disposal.

34.  Tech Teach Too – Not sure what “cloud computing” actually means? Come here and read this short and sweet article.

35.  TTCshelbyville – Learn all about cloud computing, online storage options and virtual appliances in this list of articles provided by TTCShelbyville.

36.  Big Geek Daddy – This site hosts links of free software for data recovery, online storage and much more. Come here and browse what the internet has to offer… for free!

37.  Billpstudios – Read about the advantages of backing your data up using the cloud and a home server.

38.  Tech Dirt – Do you know about your legal rights regarding privacy for information stored online? If not, come here to join and discuss the ongoing debate.

39.  Walt Mossberg – Wall Street Journal writer, Mossberg, discusses everything under the cloud.

40.  The PC Informant – The PC Informant offers a variety articles regarding technology. This link introduces a video regarding the new and improved Good Docs application.

41.  Technologizer – Microsoft has just recently brought OneNote to the iPhone. Read about the new applications and online storage capabilities here.

42.  Free Software Lists – Read about free data recovery and backup options including Smart Data Recovery.

43.  Tech Jaws – Discover how incremental forever backups work here at TechJaws!

44.  Scoroncocolo – Learn about online backup strategies, cloud desktops and alternatives for free!

45.  HD Doctor – Go to HD Doctor to find a list of free remote file sharing and storage along with backup capabilities.

46.  RenesysEarl Zmijewski addresses some burning questions regarding cloud computing.

47.  How to Geek – Learn all about AOL’s Xdrive in the Online Storage Series on How to Geek.

48.  Evil Fantasy – Come here to learn about data loss, recovery and prevention and use the links to find free tools for doing so.

49.  404techsupport – Here, Jason Hamilton will teach you all about music distribution while using cloud computing!

50.  Technize – It’s always important to choose the safest method of backing up the important data. Read this article to discover the top 3 best online backup services… for free!

51.  Channel 9 – Want to backup your mobile phone for free? Learn how at Channel 9!

52.  40Tech – Why should you backup your online accounts? Why backup to another online service? How secure is it? Is it really free? Find the answers to your questions and more.

53.  Tech Goes Strong – Read about the best sites that allow you to share your photos online for free (with unlimited storage!) Avid digital photographers should take full advantage!

54.  4sysops – Read about the 4 golden backup rules, free storage services, recent cloud computing features and much more.

55.  Achugh’s Blog – Learn about free lifetime backup for Gmail, Facebook and Twitter in order to secure your online life.

56.  Addictive Tips – Do you know about Amazon S3? The idea behind is to let user create independent cloud and to address online cloud storage limitations by offering an intuitive mechanism in which files and folders can be safeguarded on different storage planes.

57.  Ask Bob Rankin Are you running out of storage space on your hard drive? Are you on a tight budget and considering using a free online storage tool to offload some files? Find out which sites Bob Rankin recommends.

58.  Barrys Best Blog – Barry recommends DocStoc for online storing. Discover why by reading his technology blog here.

59.  Beep The Geek – Figure out the best free online data storing websites recommended by Beep the Geek.

60.  Bloody Computer – Do you want to know more about Dropbox? Come to Bloody Computer to figure out if this may be the best option for you.

61.  BNET –When it comes to online file storage, the Internet is getting more robust and reliable all the time. Here are ways to take advantage of the cloud in your own business. Read about the top cloud storage picks of 2010.

62.  Life Hack – Life Hack provides a list to 90 online file storage services, many of which are free to the user. Come check out this extensive list and read about other relevant technology topics.

63.  Computelogy – Learn about what Dell has to offer when it comes to online storage.

64.  Techishare – Learn about Dreamhost’s reliable backup services that often offers free backup for a limited amount of GB.

65. Techno360 – Looking for a business edition for online storage? Come here for your free download that has a multitude of features.

66.  Cnet – With nearly 800 online storage services listed, there is no way you couldn’t find one to use! Check it out.

67.  Computer Hope – Where should you store your long term data? Here is a list of unique sites that allow online data storage.

68.  Crazzy Cool – Why worry about formatting your hard drive? Backup your digital life using these tips.

69.  The Freeware Junkie – Read about The Freeware Junkie’s favorite online storage device and other tips regarding cloud computing.

70.  Mister Reiner – Read Mister Reiner’s review of Microsoft Office Web Applications. You may be surprised!

71.  MrinTech – Learn about the best free portable applications for online storage along with a variety of other mediums for storing data.

72.  Right Celebrity – Learn how to use Dropbox online storage across different digital devices with this quick and easy video!

73.  Technize –  Want to know to set up a Network Attached Storage and protect your families data? Of course, if you have money to spend, you can go to any computer store and buy a pre-built NAS device. But if you’re short on cash, you can also build your own for free. Learn how!

74.  Tech Piper – Check out Tech Piper’s reviews of Dropbox and Gmail online storage.

75.  Teckline – Get 50 GB of free storage from ADrive. Read a review here!

76.  Crenk – Read this article for the best free online tools for converting files.

77.  Daily Cup of Tech – Come here to compare online storage services!

78.  Inside-the-system –  Learn about the differences between cloud-based storage and Network Attached Storage systems here at Inside the System.

79.  Tech Guru – Read about P2P cloud computing, encryption concerns and more, here at Tech Guru.

80.  TechLounge 4 U – Read about the pros and cons of local vs. cloud computing here at TechLounge!

81.  Tech-nikz – Backupify proved that Gmail CAN run out of space. Check out this article.

82.  Extreme Tech – Extreme Tech asks “should you bother with online storage?” Find out their answer.

83.  File Guru – File Guru has a plethora of online storage articles. Browse through the multitude of information to find the answer to any question you may have.

84.  Geeks to Go – Come here to find a review of different storage mediums. Figure out what the best medium is for you and your data!

85.  Help Desk Geek – Learn why you can use NAS at home and the benefits of doing so.

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