Why is Online Storage becoming so popular?

People who have suffered from data loss in the past understand the importance of online storage services very well. If you have suffered due to a crashed hard drive in the past, you know how painful it is to lose all your precious documents, songs, and pictures in a few seconds. Online storage media has been very popular with students, home PC users, and SMEs due to the kind of facilities it offers. Here are the top reasons as why online storage is becoming so popular –

a) Automated recovery of data to an online server – A number of online storage companies are now offering services that support automated recovery. With desktop utilities, people can easily schedule and plan their backup operations in various small and medium scale companies.

b) Cheaper solutions for businesses – Several companies are able to make huge cost cuts with the help of online data backup services. A traditional tape backup system enables several companies to save on licensing fees, hardware and software costs, tape purchase, and human resources. For a low fee, companies can now afford as much online storage as they require. There is no need to pay a single penny for extra GB of space, as most companies are now charging according to the total data space occupied and monthly bandwidth consumption.

c) Safe and secure option to store data –Most small and medium scale businesses worry about the security of their data. It is important to save important business critical data in the best possible manner. All business organizations are now handling digital records for all their operations, and it becomes extremely important to backup all this data at a suitable location. A company cannot afford to lose precious data due to a theft, fire, or some other calamity. It becomes an absolute necessity to safeguard organizational data at all costs.

d) Ease of working with online storage services – Several companies need to take regular backups of their databases. These databases change several times in a single day, and creating regular backups is a great task in itself. Online storage companies have simplified this task of creating backups for businesses.

Online data storage services are becoming popular because people love the benefits that come along with them. Everyone likes the idea of accessing crucial data at any time from any place in the world. Moreover, these services are constantly evolving because of ongoing competition between several internet giants.

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