Essential Features of an Online Storage Service

Online storage services have become popular in the backup service industry for a long time now. In the last one decade, advancement in storage-technologies has made it possible to store TBs of data on small volumes of physical space.

That is the reason why online storage companies can now offer unbelievably great storage offers. You get to use TBs of data by paying just a few dollars per month. High broadband connections have made it possible to envision a centralized, well protected, and secured data server for everyday needs of individuals and businesses.

Online storage services are still evolving because the quality of service depends on the connectivity of a remote station to an online server and the effectiveness of an online server to handle astronomically large amounts of data. Here are a set of essential features of online storage service that you should know about –

Automated backups controlled by well designed software tools – Institutions and organizations that need online storage services the most also need to do so on a regular basis. Backing up information a dozen times a day or even more is a tedious process. It is very important for an online backup service to provide tools that support automated backups.

Several companies are now offering enterprise level automation tools that can backup data millions of times in one day. These automated tools are being used to backup business critical data by financial institutions, market research companies, and IT giants. Every single database transaction is backed up to a distant server by an automated software tool.

Round the clock recovery of data from any place – An online backup service must enable all customers to recover data at any time from any place. Mobility is one of the greatest features of an online backup service and it must provide that at all costs. Preparing itself to keep off unauthorized access to data storage from unknown IPs or unauthorized users is also very important.

While some companies support connections over HTTP, few others are directly deploying FTP tools at the customer’s end. Depending on the volume of data concerned and the seriousness of information, it is important for an online storage service to provide different sets of options.

Security against viruses, attacks and natural calamities – An online storage company must be prepared to fight viruses, Trojans, and worms of all kinds. Similarly, clients’ data should be protected from natural calamities as well. Making use of encryption tools to secure stored data is most important.

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