Vulnerability of various data storage devices

It is always a good idea to understand an obvious vulnerability before choosing a storage medium. This knowledge can help a person make an informed selection. Read on to learn about some of the most popular data storage devices and their common vulnerabilities:

Internal and external hard drives: These storage drives are vulnerable to logical crashes and virus intrusions through the internet or a local area network.

USB storage devices: You have heard of hardware-encrypted flash drives. Manufactures claimed that these were the portable storage devices capable of protecting your data from a large number of virus invasions. However, these USB storage devices are not free from vulnerabilities. Hackers are able to break passwords for such storage devices by using simple software systems. Also, these devices are vulnerable to data loss due to physical damage or logical crashes.

Online storage mediums: Online storage mediums are the safest alternatives to traditional methods of data storage. In fact, thousands of small and large organizations are now switching to online storage servers for the very same reason. Businesses cannot afford to lose their customer records, billing information, sales data, financial information and other omniana at any cost. That is the reason why they are now relying on online storage companies for such services. Online storage is safe from break-ins and virus intrusions. An online backup storage company deploys multiple layers of physical and logical security. Also, data is replicated in an encrypted form so as to avoid data loss in the event of a natural calamity.

Magnetic tapes: Handling magnetic data storage tapes is not an easy job. Magnetic tapes are vulnerable to all sorts of damages. In a way, this storage medium is more likely to cause data loss if the person responsible for handling them is careless. It is easy to make backups on these tapes. With the help of the right software and hardware, one can easily retrieve information stored on these tapes. However, they require expert maintenance.

Compact disks: Several businessmen, students, and common PC users store sensitive information on compact disks and DVDs. These storage devices are highly vulnerable to data loss. Also, they are vulnerable to theft. There is no way to protect the information stored on these disks. Storing songs and movies on these disks is alright, but you shouldn’t really use them to backup essential business records or other important files. Also, CDs and DVDs may just wear away in a period of 2-3 years.

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